Some Thoughts On Climate Change

Business and profit

Capitalists, oftentimes foreign companies, have used developing countries in providing cheap labor and accessed its natural resources for their business and profit. It is also apparent here how capitalism has shaped the world.

Difficult cases

The politics in the geographical area has to ensure the protection of the interest of the people and the environment. But most of the time, laws favor those who have the power and wealth and their interests take precedence over the common good. Capitalism has changed how people treat nature.

Climate change

Meanwhile, the surrounding areas are made vulnerable to climate change. Experts believed that crisis such as climate change was also a time for restructuring. In discussions about climate change, there should be inclusive and sustainable development.

Creating different opportunities

Inclusive development aims to lift people out of poverty by creating different opportunities for them to participate in decision making and proper allocation of the benefits of progress and development. Sustainable development is the paradigm that aims to meet the needs of the people, especially the poor, but also keeping in mind the limitations within our means so that the future generations can still meet their own needs during their time.

Underdeveloped geographical spaces

These endeavors aspire to reduce inequalities and take actions to mitigate the effects of climate change, especially in underdeveloped geographical spaces. Capitalists and wealthier nations are entrusted to be accountable to the communities where they conduct their businesses. Developing nations are given the opportunity to increase their capacities and resources that would help them fight the effects of climate change.

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Changes in our surroundings

However, there has been to clear laws and regulations to be implemented to ensure the protection of the interests of the people and the environment. There have to be sanctions for violations to inhibit exploitation or discourage indifference to the changes in our surroundings. We have to realize that while development is uneven and inequality is inevitable, we must protect each and every one and give each person an equal fighting chance to survive the changes in the climate wherever they may be so that they can thrive in this world that we live in.