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Climate changes – how manufacturing industries are slowly destroying our planet

Climate changes

The Earth we know today has nothing to do with the planet that used to exist 200 years ago. A lot of has changed! We often hear the term global warming, which has plenty of negative consequences on the biological, physical, and human system!

But, do you know what global warming stands for and how it affects our climate? Well, it appears that manufacturing industries have done us more wrong than good, since they are directly impacting our planet and causing the Earth’s atmosphere to change, by generating greenhouse effect, which is responsible for global warming.

Industrial Revolution

Even since the start of the industrial era, around 1750, the overall impact of human activities on our climate has directly contributed to a warming influence. The fossil fuel emission is our biggest threat, as well as numerous manufacturing industries that don’t follow the government’s guidelines or don’t have clearly defined federal laws.

For instance, companies in the United States that manufacture kitchen countertops, generate an enormous amount of granite stone remnants, and most just sit there without getting used. Imagine hundreds of thousands of companies around the world doing the same, wasting our energy, resources, increasing the overall temperature of the planet, and leaving the waste behind!

In this case, we aren’t only impacting global warming, but polluting our environment! However, let’s focus on manufacturing operations and what can be done to eradicate this current situation!

How did everything start?

Based on extensive research, scientists around the world agree that the Industrial Revolution was the main trigger and a turning point when the greenhouse effect began to soar. Initially, the Industrial Revolution revolved around agriculture, transportation, demographics, finance, and technology, which later created a new model for consumption and production.

But, back then, the human population only counted less than 800 million people, whereas now we nearly reached 8 billion. Over the centuries, humans increased the demand for energy and production, mostly from fossil fuels, which had a direct impact on our climate.

For example, the global temperature has risen 11 degrees since the Industrial Revolution, and some estimate it will go even higher! The increase in temperature isn’t only affecting the climate, but our entire existence as well.

What are the consequences?

Even though we have some clear indicators of how numerous industrial processes are impacting climate change, scientists are still speculating about the possible consequences. Some of them include the survival of flora and fauna, including human beings.

On the other hand, the most dangerous climate change impact is the melting of ice caps, which increases the level of the sea. It generates flooding, while small islands around the world are at risk of disappearing for good.

industrial processes are impacting climate change

Climate changes also cause the appearance of various weather phenomena, which are, at some point, so violent that they destroy everything on its way. For instance, we have extreme drouth, floods, and fires. For more scientific evidence, please visit

Action on emission

As we previously explained, manufacturing processes are the main cause of climate change. For that matter, they will mostly be affected by the regulations that impose a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. These industries include steel, cement, and iron production, but also chemical and paper operations.

Eventually, rules and regulations regarding the greenhouse effect will increase the energy prices, which means that industrial efficiency improvements will have greater benefits than in the past. Let’s take DuPont company, for example, which embraced these changes back in the 90s and managed to save more than $3 billion from efficiency.

On the other hand, manufacturers who decide to switch to energy-efficient production of goods will gain a competitive advantage over companies of similar, but who don’t follow greenhouse emission guidelines and regulations.

These days, a lot of leading and established businesses, as well as manufacturing companies are openly advocating for the national greenhouse gas limitations. Back in 2007, the U.S. Climate Action Partnership was formed, which entitled 23 major corporations and six leading non-governmental organizations. Since then, USCAP has grown and increased in a number of companies supporting its goals.

One of their prepositions was the reduction of emission by 60% below current levels by 2050.

Can we avoid climate change?

We can, but it’s a long process that requires commitment, determination, and putting greater good over profit and greed. However, before we engage in this process, we must realize that climate changes can’t be avoided. Our society has changed a lot, and we can’t imagine our life without some necessities, such as electricity.

However, instead of generating electricity through coal, we could use wind power, right? We need to learn to minimize the effect of climate change and learn to adapt to their consequences. For example, large manufacturing operations can utilize various actions to limit and reduce greenhouse emissions, which eventually prevents the rise of global temperature.

For that reason, renewable energy and the transition to a low-carbon economy should become our new objective. Various ways can help us create an energy-efficient society. On the other hand, governments should impose high taxes on greenhouse emissions to prevent industries from destroying our planet. If you are interested in a more detailed analysis of how climate changes are affecting our environment, please visit

The next step would be to learn to adapt to these changes. We have to improve our infrastructure, making it safer and resilient, but also prevent deforestation. Additionally, flexible farming and water purification must be set in action to prepare humans for possible natural catastrophes. On top of that, we must invest more money in research, to be able to predict changes in our climate, as well as atmospheric phenomena.

Last but not least, is impact the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has on our society. This organization is dedicated to evaluating the effects humans have on climate change, but also discuss possible solutions. In 2015, the members held a conference in Paris where they finally agreed to establish measurement, which will slow down global warming.

How Much Do Crime Scene Cleaners Make In Detroit

How Much Do Crime Scene Cleaners Make In Detroit

Although not recognized as an occupation by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, clean up crime scenes individual make some good amount of work while doing their job. Payment here depends on the state of the crime scene that they undertake. Remember, when doing this job, specialized offerings is needed. This is important because bone fragments; blood and body tissues are harmful when they are not appropriately handled. They can transmit infectious diseases.


This job involves eradicating harmful products then you clean-up the scene of the crime and you remove all the evidence of the scene. The job requires you to be courageous and to have the highest level of sensitivity.

Average Salary

According to reports gathered from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics in April 2013, crime scene cleaners in Detroit earn an average of about $39,000 annually.

Key Factors

Although this job doesn’t require you to have academic qualifications indicating your experience in crime scene services, you need to have professional knowledge that justifies your ability to dispose and eliminate biohazards material.

Key Factors

Training is always done on the work, but you can also get specialized courses in the market. Payment is determined by the location of the scene, the population of the city. Earnings usually grow in cities that are densely populated.

Running Costs and Overheads

After gaining the required experience in the market, some crime scene employees of organizations in Detroit usually have the zeal to open their businesses. Reports claim that the initial capital outlay to establish a business for crime scene cleanup detroit ranges from $100,000 to $400,000.

Extra expenses that one may incur include protective equipment, additional staff, and transportation cost. Hazardous disposal cost of materials should also be taken into account while starting this business.

Other reports collected from BLS regarding the salary of crime scene cleaners in 2016 claim that an employee can earn up to $40,640 annually from this job.

What Is Eco Absorb Made Of?

What Is Eco Absorb Made Of?

Here are the commonly used items and their uses:

Cotton spools

Because cotton is very good for the adsorption process, it is widely used in the chemical industries. Cotton attracts impurities that adhere to its surface. This simple mechanism can be used in industries for the efficient separation of various mixtures. During the process of manufacturing various chemicals, cotton bobbins can be used to separate impurities as soon as the desired product is obtained.

Eco Absorb

Because they are readily available, people use them all the time in various industries. Cotton bobbins are mainly used in chemical and pharmaceutical companies. They help keep the capsules and tablets in good condition. These cotton dispensers use high quality, pressure resistant, high performance cotton.

Silica gel

This is probably the most popular industrial absorbent from natural materials and useful item on the list. It has been used for many years in manufacturing units. It is also an essential element in pharmacies, chemical industries, etc.

This is one of the basic elements used in water filters. Silica gels are used for adsorption. This is a process by which impurities in water are removed. These impurities accumulate on the surface of the silica gel.

Therefore, silica gel is very crucial for water purification. In addition to removing impurities, it also absorbs some minerals from the water.

Carbon adsorbents

These substances require special mention. They are used because of their easy availability and their effective results. Carbon adsorbents are essentially carbon atoms that absorb dirt particles. Therefore, they are used in many industries.


As purification is very important in many cases, industries insist on the use of high quality carbon adsorbents. With these products, purification becomes an easy task.

Therefore, the use of carbon adsorbents is essential. As these adsorbents separate a wide range of impurities, their use is very important. Without them, industries will have to invest in many processes to remove these impurities.

Moisture Adsorption Sheet

This is another product used to prevent moisture from damaging materials manufactured in industries. It is composed of hydrocarbons and uses adsorption to give results.

Removes moisture from products and keeps them dry. This helps to reduce the effects of moisture on products. These sheets are in many manufacturing units.

They are popular because of their large surface area. These sheets can also be converted to flat sheets. Therefore, they are flexible and are very important. They are used in cases where the moisture content is high.



For decades, man has been using fossil fuels as a source of energy. They need energy for electricity, transportation, heating, and colling their homes. The energy from fossil fuels has made all these possible. Fossil fuels are derived from the remnants of prehistoric plants and animals. However, when they are burned to produce energy, they emit harmful gases into the air. This causes air pollution and affects the health of the people. Air pollution can cause respiratory diseases, allergies, neurological diseases, and even different forms of cancer. They also contribute to global warming and climate change. When it rains, these harmful gases mix with rainwater and pollute our waters. This makes water unsafe for consumption for both man and animals. The acid rain also affects the level of acidity on land which poses dangers to those organisms that depend on the land for their survival. So, burning of fossil fuels to produce energy can cause air, water, and land pollution which can affect the people’s health detrimentally.

Nonrenewable sources of energy such as fossil fuels are not good for the environment. However, human depend on energy for their necessities and convenience. That is why there is a need to find alternative sources of energy – more sustainable and friendlier to the environment. We must find ways to convert to renewable sources of energy because we know that energy is essential for our survival. Since energy is already such an indispensable part of our existence and more so in the coming years, we have to find sustainable means to get energy and those that will not harm the environment. We must also think about the next generation – the resources that they would have and the environment that they would live in. This puts everything in perspective. We must support renewable sources of energy for our health, environment, and future.



China imports solar cells and panels to the United States of America. However, these solar products are sold way cheaper than their local counterparts. Upon careful inspection, the solar panels imported from China were made from solar cells which they got sourced from Taiwan. Using solar cells sourced from third countries is a direct violation of international trade laws. Because of this, the Federation of American Solar Manufacturers has filed a case against Chinese importers of solar products. The cases that they filed were against antidumping and countervailing duties.

The filing of the case was a significant step in the American solar manufacturing industry. For the information of the public, more than 20 solar companies have closed down since America began importing solar products from China. This means a loss of jobs for hundreds if not thousands of Americans. Because these products are being sold at a cheaper price, the demand for Chinese solar products rose to almost 50%. This is killing the local solar manufacturing industry as local companies suffer deficits and losses year after year. If this goes on, more companies will be forced to shut down, more Americans will lose their jobs, and our market will be infiltrated with substandard solar products coming from China. That is the Federation of American Solar Manufacturers filed the cases and asked the government to save the local industry for solar power.

Support the petition of the Federation of American Solar Manufacturers to save the local solar manufacturing industry by visiting and signing your name in our letter of appeal. If we win this case, it would mean a win not just for the business community but for all those people who are employed with solar manufacturing companies. It is also a win for our country and our planet.



Welcome to the page of the Federation of American Solar Manufacturers! This is a page dedicated to fighting for the existence of the solar manufacturing industry in the United States of America. There is a rising demand for alternative sources of energy and one of them is solar energy. Manufacturers of solar panels cater to this particular need. However, imported solar panels coming from China is killing our local industry. These imported products are way cheaper than the ones that are manufactured in America. But the price does not tell consumers the whole story. While the solar panels coming from China are definitely more affordable, they are below the international standard to which we strictly adhere to.

Solar energy is one of the alternative sources of energy that is available to us. At a time when the earth is faced with massive population growth, we have to look for alternative sources of energy to balance the consumption need and sustainability of our planet. Solar power allows us to harness the energy coming from the sun. The sun is our dependable source for life and energy. The energy coming from the sun is abundant and is said to be the cleanest source of energy. With the available technology today, we are able to come up with different ways to harness the energy coming from the sun. Solar energy can be utilized through solar heating and cooling, photovoltaics, and concentrating the solar power. It is a big advantage that solar energy is flexible when it comes to distribution. It can be used as the traditional power plant or as a distributed generation that can be placed near your own garage door in Nevada.

Today also, more companies are involved in providing solar power to answer the growing demand from our American population. This is good news for all of us because there is healthy competition and these companies make solar power readily available to consumers as a viable alternative source of energy. It is also good for our national economy as these companies are able to provide more jobs to the people. This is good for the country as we strive to become independent when it comes to our energy resources. And it is good for the environment and our planet because solar energy is a more environment-friendly energy resource. With solar power, there is sustainability for an energy source, there is energy for the next generations, and there is a cleaner planet for everyone. That is why there is a need to support these companies who provide us with solar energy. Members of the Federation of American Solar Manufacturers have joined forces to keep you up to date about what is happening in the local and global industry – the challenges and developments that we are facing.

Let us not kill this industry. The growth of the solar manufacturing industry in America will be boosted by the support coming from the people themselves who consciously buy high-quality solar products.