The Tradition Behind Selling Firelighters In Norway To Fundraise Money

Norwegians have a rather unusual tradition to fundraise money in order to finance various activities. Selge tennbriketter på dugnad, or in Norwegian is the way how sports clubs and schools here make money by selling firelighters.

Now, you must be confused by their approach; however, it’s a popular tradition in this country that dates back to the Viking age. But, dugnad has never been as alive as it is now, and it’s continuously evolving.

This has gone from a casual thing to actually raise money to support various projects, and selling firelighters is one of them.

Why students depend on dugnad?

Every sports club has an annual budget that covers individual costs; however, when it comes to additional activities such as trips, championships, or even maintenance, there is never enough money. For that reason, people gather around the noble cause to help students fundraiser various activities.


In this case, everyone is involved while helping kids and students go on field trips or get new equipment. On the other hand, students are actively engaged in this process as well because they get to sell various items for fundraising money. Therefore, if you meet some of them selling toilet paper, firelighters, candies, or other things, support them through this process.

What’s so interesting about firelighters

Well, besides being a mean to an end, there is nothing special about firelighter. But this entire approach has attracted a lot of attention because there are companies in Norway that supply these items to sports teams, schools, and other organizations across Norway.

So, because this product is commonly used and quickly sold, many students saw an opportunity to earn money. Norway is a vast market when it comes to ignition briskets since everyone needs them for either stoves or fireplaces.


In that case, students gather around and sell these items to get money for the upcoming activities, or to fund tournaments. Each season, every sports team has tennbriketter dugnad, while at the same time, they have something called loppemarked. This is similar to a second-hand market where people gather around the sell or buy second-hand things.

So, everyone who lives in Norway has experienced this tradition at some point. Therefore, all people are contributing, and it might be a bit weird if you don’t take part in this tradition and support the common good in sports teams, schools, or neighborhoods.

The rules of fundraising

While dugnad is based on voluntary work, there are still some rules students and parents need to follow. For instance, kids need to be over 15 to sell items alone. If you are under 15, then parents or guardians must join.

Another thing, if your kid has completed a successful sale, but he or she has lost the money, it’s actually not the parents who are responsible. However, for these regulations to apply, the turnover must be over NOK 150,00. On the other hand, NIF still encourages students and parents to follow them even if turnover is lower.

How Much Do Crime Scene Cleaners Make In Detroit

How Much Do Crime Scene Cleaners Make In Detroit

Although not recognized as an occupation by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, clean up crime scenes individual make some good amount of work while doing their job. Payment here depends on the state of the crime scene that they undertake. Remember, when doing this job, specialized offerings is needed. This is important because bone fragments; blood and body tissues are harmful when they are not appropriately handled. They can transmit infectious diseases.


This job involves eradicating harmful products then you clean-up the scene of the crime and you remove all the evidence of the scene. The job requires you to be courageous and to have the highest level of sensitivity.

Average Salary

According to reports gathered from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics in April 2013, crime scene cleaners in Detroit earn an average of about $39,000 annually.

Key Factors

Although this job doesn’t require you to have academic qualifications indicating your experience in crime scene services, you need to have professional knowledge that justifies your ability to dispose and eliminate biohazards material.

Key Factors

Training is always done on the work, but you can also get specialized courses in the market. Payment is determined by the location of the scene, the population of the city. Earnings usually grow in cities that are densely populated.

Running Costs and Overheads

After gaining the required experience in the market, some crime scene employees of organizations in Detroit usually have the zeal to open their businesses. Reports claim that the initial capital outlay to establish a business for crime scene cleanup detroit ranges from $100,000 to $400,000.

Extra expenses that one may incur include protective equipment, additional staff, and transportation cost. Hazardous disposal cost of materials should also be taken into account while starting this business.

Other reports collected from BLS regarding the salary of crime scene cleaners in 2016 claim that an employee can earn up to $40,640 annually from this job.

What Is Eco Absorb Made Of?

What Is Eco Absorb Made Of?

Here are the commonly used items and their uses:

Cotton spools

Because cotton is very good for the adsorption process, it is widely used in the chemical industries. Cotton attracts impurities that adhere to its surface. This simple mechanism can be used in industries for the efficient separation of various mixtures. During the process of manufacturing various chemicals, cotton bobbins can be used to separate impurities as soon as the desired product is obtained.

Eco Absorb

Because they are readily available, people use them all the time in various industries. Cotton bobbins are mainly used in chemical and pharmaceutical companies. They help keep the capsules and tablets in good condition. These cotton dispensers use high quality, pressure resistant, high performance cotton.

Silica gel

This is probably the most popular industrial absorbent from natural materials and useful item on the list. It has been used for many years in manufacturing units. It is also an essential element in pharmacies, chemical industries, etc.

This is one of the basic elements used in water filters. Silica gels are used for adsorption. This is a process by which impurities in water are removed. These impurities accumulate on the surface of the silica gel.

Therefore, silica gel is very crucial for water purification. In addition to removing impurities, it also absorbs some minerals from the water.

Carbon adsorbents

These substances require special mention. They are used because of their easy availability and their effective results. Carbon adsorbents are essentially carbon atoms that absorb dirt particles. Therefore, they are used in many industries.


As purification is very important in many cases, industries insist on the use of high quality carbon adsorbents. With these products, purification becomes an easy task.

Therefore, the use of carbon adsorbents is essential. As these adsorbents separate a wide range of impurities, their use is very important. Without them, industries will have to invest in many processes to remove these impurities.

Moisture Adsorption Sheet

This is another product used to prevent moisture from damaging materials manufactured in industries. It is composed of hydrocarbons and uses adsorption to give results.

Removes moisture from products and keeps them dry. This helps to reduce the effects of moisture on products. These sheets are in many manufacturing units.

They are popular because of their large surface area. These sheets can also be converted to flat sheets. Therefore, they are flexible and are very important. They are used in cases where the moisture content is high.